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Facebook and household renters

Social networks, Facebook and Instagram, are an inevitable daily routine that household renters should include in their business adoption.

In order to increase the visibility of your accommodation facility in online communication with guests, it is necessary to create a Facebook page of the apartment and optimize it to be more visible, but it is not expected that only free tools will encourage greater visibility and recognition of your accommodation facility.


Advertising on Facebook is, compared to the classic media, significantly cheaper, but it is definitely not free. Facebook ad prices vary significantly and large variations in results are possible.

The competition in the online world, where you present your accommodation, is somewhat higher than in the real world because you and your competition are advertised by additional services that deal with booking accommodation such as, Expedia, Airbnb, and similar channels.

Therefore, in order to stand out, and to especially promote occasional promotions or new services, it is necessary to create an advertising campaign on Facebook.

The organic reach of each page, the display of the post to your followers, is constantly decreasing by which Facebook wants to encourage advertising.

Placing an ad does not stop working on advertising. First of all, it needs to be run during the campaign so that it can be optimized.

So, you pay for Facebook advertising to reach the target audience to which you want to present your product. You determine the budget yourself, but if you use the services of an agency, it is necessary to calculate the costs of the agency.


However, if the community manager, who manages the site, does not prepare posts aimed at the target audience, and if the cover photo does not describe the page itself, it is unlikely that you will keep the audience on your page. for your misguided posts.

Community management is also CRM (Customer Relationship Management) with which you directly address each individual potential client. But a potential buyer is also talking to you.

It is very important when approving the person who will represent your object in the virtual world to take into account her personal skills. You know that you get negative criticism even when you are completely right, but when such information comes out into the online world, it is almost impossible to stop it.

However, with quality social media management, any negative review can be defended in a way that potential customers focus their attention on the positive things you offer. And for that, you need a great community manager.

So it is not enough to open a Facebook page, it needs to be managed to achieve the goals you have set for yourself.

If you want quality management of pages on social networks of your accommodation facility, contact us:

We have prepared special prices for you.

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