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Branding in tourism

Branding of destinations, resorts, hotels, restaurants and all tourist, catering and cultural offers has become one of the most important expectations in tourism management in Croatia. Everything starts from the premise of the destination brand as a powerful marketing tool in building the image and differentiating tourist destinations, and the brand is considered an important factor in the competitiveness of the destination. [1]

In today's concept of destination brand development, a significant role is played by the image of the destination, which finally becomes a decisive factor for the decision to visit tourists, but also the investments of foreign and domestic investors. Precisely because of the competition, which in the tourist market is global and not local, the image of the destination needs to be actively managed. However, it is not possible to brand a destination alone without determining the strategic vision of the destination, ie making development plans.

Recognizing the fact that the image of a destination, whatever it is, affects the competitive position of tourist destinations and countries, it is necessary to accept the fact that the image needs to be managed.

What is a destination brand?

- the brand is the core, basic characteristics, and values of the destination that cannot be produced and which differentiate the destination from the competitors

- A brand is a dynamic and emotional connection between a destination and a visitor

- The brand is the basis on which all marketing communication and destination behavior rests

What is NOT a destination brand?

- a brand is not a logo, slogan, visual identity, or design

Izvor: UNWTO

__________________________________ [1] Telišman Košuta N.: Tourist destination branding, Challenges of tourism management, Institute of Tourism Zagreb, 2011., page 5

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